Another one that belongs to the stone family, the artifacts made out of sandstone render a midas touch to the surroundings

Code: SS010
Size: 38x380x20 (LxBxH)
Code: SS032
Size: 35x35x36 (LxBxH)
Code: SS028
Size: 33x33x33
Code: SS027
Size: 34x34x29

Code: SS033
Size: 46x20x15
Code: SS045

Code: SS011
Size: 15x48x46
Code: SS047
Size: Variable

Code: SS012
Size: 47x47x85
Code: SS026
Size: 28x28x58
Code: SS050
Size: 60x60x120
Code: SS044
Size: 45x45x250

The above Artifacts can also be made in custom sizes & designs.